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      1. Optical clear adhesive
        Suitable for automotive use and on optical panels.
        We have developed adhesive materials with high weather resistance and high permeability with customizable refractive indexes
        UOR series OCR liquid optical adhesives
        UV curing type
        Good glass adhesion (@250 μm): Glass/glass > 1500 kpa
        High transparency: T.T. > 90 %
        Low yellowing: ∣b*∣ ≤ 1
        High weather resistance : High transparency and low yellowing maintained after RA
        UOA series
        Automatic LOCA coating
        UV curing type
        SUS, PMMA adhesion:
        SUS ≥ 20 N/25mm
        PMMA ≥ 20 N/25mm
        High transparency: T.T. ≥ 95% (@50 μm)
        Low yellowing: ∣b*∣≤ 0.5 (@50μm)
        High weather resistance, no peeling